Bio Asli

BIO ASLI is an MLM (Multi Level marketing) company from Malaysia. What makes this company so special is that it emphasize the use of Internet technology so that it can really goes global and conquer the world! BIO ASLI is really a global MLM company because you can search downline from all over the world with Intenet technology.

This company is headed by a fella named Ishak Basiran, who holds an engineering degree in mechanical engineering and used to be a usual salary men engineer. From a humble beginning this company is now a recognized leader in online MLM in Malaysia.

MLM is a great business to do because it's potential to grow big and for us ordinary man to at last able to really make big money and possibly become millionaire. With great product that really captured the imagination of men and women, BIO ASLI is poised to make a huge presence in the tough MLM market in the world over.

Majority of BIO ASLI product is made from Virgin Coconut Oil that is used as it's main ingredient. The killer product was VCO 31 but now has been replaced by Power Lotion 31. Other product includes herbal tea, coffee, soap, lotion and some other domestic items that we usually used everyday. So instead of buying a regular brand from super market and gaining nothing in monetary value, why not join BIO ASLI and make some profit along the way?

Bio Asli also accept and use PAY PAL as one of it's transaction mode. The calculation of bonus is done by computer technology. So you you don't have any reason to feel or have any doubt with BIO ASLI ability and competency in the MLM segment.

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Peloop or peloop™ is a Penis Enlargement and Male Enhancement made simple.

Harness the power of :

  • Magnets
  • Tourmaline
  • Germanium
Naturally and safely enhance your penis.These 3 materials will constantly provide your penis with amazing benefits. peloop™ is simply worn at the bottom of your penis just like you wear a ring on your finger.These materials work by drastically improving the condition of blood inside your penis.

Sample :

Benefits :

  • Penis Enlargement
peloop™ will improve the blood flowing into your penis and you will have a new bigger, stronger and healthier penis AND if you could pump more and more healthy blood into your penis, your penis will expand and mushroom even more.
  • Male Enhancement
The magnetic field in peloop™ also widens the blood vessels allowing more blood to flow through and will improved performance of the blood inside your penis.Harness the power of Magnets, Tourmaline, Germaniumn.Use peloop™ to naturally and safely enhance your penis.
  • How it Works
The first benefit comes from the magnet. peloop™ contains a strong rare earth magnet that creates a magnetic field around the base of your penis where the blood enters.When blood flows through this magnetic field, the blood cells spin then separate from each other giving each cell more surface area to carry much more oxygen and vital nutrients to your penis. The magnetic field also widens your penis's blood vessels allowing more blood to flow through.
The second benefit comes from Tourmaline and Germanium which emit negative ions (also known as "Air Vitamins") and Far Infra-Red Rays (also known as "Growth Rays"). Negative ions work to neutralize acidic levels in the bloodstream while Far Infra-Red Rays cleanse and increase the production of cells inside your penis.
  • Extra Information
peloop™ is physically made by mixing Silicone, Germanium and Tourmaline using a high quality Mix-Refining Machine. Then a Vulcanizing Testing Machine is used to create the mold with a small hole for the magnet. The material mixture is added to the mold to create peloop™ and the magnet is then inserted.

The result is one powerful peloop™ that combines these amazing materials to give you permanent and lasting penis enlargement and male enhancement.


Bidhere.com Review

Bidhere is a unique auction site with a twist where you can buy brand new items for a penny.

I recently discovered that BidHere.com is a penny auction site where brand new products, such as Nintendo Wii’s, iPods,laptops, digital cameras and LCD TVs fall under the auction hammer everyday and sell for pricesthat can only be described as totally mad.

They said that Bidhere.com offer the the hottest and most wanted gadgets at bargain prices also latest, brand new consumer electronics, watches and other desirable consumables from leading manufacturers.

BidHere is a unique Internet auction experience uses an exciting online auction for consumers, based on the principles of an American‐Style Auction.

Some products on auctions at :

1. LCD TVs
2. Plasma TVs
3. Blu‐ray Players
4. DVD Players
5. DVD Recorders
6. Home Theatre Systems
7. Tivo & Internet TV
8. iPods & MP3 Players

9. Digital Cameras
10.Laptop Computers
11. Desktop Computers
12. Monitors
13. Software
14. Games & Game Consoles
15. Cell Phones
and many more

How does Bidhere.com work?

BidHere is a revolutionary penny auction concept. The basic idea is to offer brand new products
at very attractive prices and works as :

1) All Products are brand new and auctions start at $0.00
2) User creates an account
3) Buy bids for $0.60 per bid!
4) Each bid increases the price by $0.02 at a time
5) Place bid and wait for timer to reach 00:00:00
6) Each auction has a countdown timer between 15 seconds and 3 minutes
7) When the timer reaches zero, the last bidder wins the right to purchase the product
8) If another user counterbids, the countdown timer will restart.

Items with special prices :

Check it out for yourself at Bidhere.com and maybe luckily you can get super CHEAP bargains!


FIFA 10 Wallpaper Hi-Resolution Renders

Beautiful rendered players, which you can use as your desktop-wallpaper.
Thanks to FIFA
soccer.ru and EASports.

Download the package of all hi-res wallpapers from

Below are some samples :






Download the package of all hi-res wallpapers from here.


Blippr is a "micro reviews" site born in the age of Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, and so on. Whereas Twitter allows "micro posts" of up to 140 characters, Blippr asks you to review a book, game, application, movie or CD in 160 characters. This is a skill we've developed thanks to the limitations of SMS texting, and it may well concentrate the mind. It's also a tacit admission that, online, not many people will read more than 160 characters anyway.

More than that, Blippr is also about connecting with social networking services to exploit what has been called "social influence marketing". You may start by browsing random reviews, but ideally, all your friends will be using Blippr as well. That way you can follow your friends' blips, which you should find more interesting.

Your friends probably won't want to add yet another site to their workload, and create yet another profile page, but that need not be a show-stopper. They can post their blips from Facebook, FriendFeed or Twitter.

Although it's very easy to create a Blippr account (just enter an email address and pick a password), users can sign in with an existing AOL, Facebook, Google, OpenID, or Yahoo account instead.

However, whether you want to allow Blippr access to your Facebook "profile information, photos, your friends' info and other content that it requires to work" is another matter. There are benefits to having a single identity across multiple websites, but there are also privacy implications.

Once signed on, you can pick a user name, a gender, and show or hide your age and birthday. You can also connect your profile to other services, such as Twitter, FriendFeed, Tumblr and Last.fm, and give Blippr temporary access to your Gmail contacts. This will enable you to build up your list of friends and followers.

Writing blips is simple because the site finds the book, movie, game or whatever as you type in the title. After you've saved your review, it can also provide an affiliate link so people can buy it at, say, Amazon.com.


One Drop Perfumes

by most popular and famous perfumes brands, the one drop perfumes comes with best quality perfumes with the cheapest original perfumes. its last longer just with one drop potion than other perfumes. come not just one but 8 different fragrance in one set perfect for a gift to your lover.With just USD 11.50 or MYR40,you can get yourself 8 bottle of perfume in one box pack (each different inspired designer).

Fine Fragrances Like No Other

  • Distinctive Scents and More Powerful Than Over-the-Counter Perfumes
  • Pure Fragrance Without Alcoholic Compound, Water Nor Other Commercial Fillers
  • Inspired By Top Designers’ Perfumes
  • Lasting Throughout The Day With Only One Application
  • 2.75ml x 8 Perfumes Variety in Every Pack
  • Roll-On Bottles For Convenient Usage
  • Handy Packaging And Portable
  • The Best Value for Money For Smelling Great Without Excessive Spending
  • Over 100,000 Satisfied Users in South East Asia and Growing Strongly Worldwide

The Celebrities Special Pack

MEN Celebrities' Special

  1. Inspired by Instinct, David Beckham
  2. Inspired by Unforgivable, Sean John
  3. Inspired by True Star, Enrique Iglesias
  4. Inspired by Jordan, Michael Jordan
  5. Inspired by Adventure, Ewan McGregor
  6. Inspired by Life, Adre Agassi
  7. Inspired by Blue Seduction, Antonio Banderas
  8. Inspired by He, Usher

WOMEN Celebrities' Special

  1. Inspired by M, Mariah Carey
  2. Inspired by Lovely, Sarah Jessica Parker
  3. Inspired by Curious, Britney Spears
  4. Inspired by Kate, Kate Moss
  5. Inspired by Show Time, Kylie Minoque
  6. Inspired by Paris Hilton, Paris Hilton
  7. Inspired by Black Pearl, Elizabeth Taylor
  8. Inspired by Glow, Jennifer Lopez

Reason to Buy :

Long-Lasting, Highly Concentrated Fragrance Oil

One Drop Perfumes are oil-based fragrances that settle on your skin and react with your body temperature to release its fine scent throughout the day. Unlinke the alcohol-based perfumes, our fragrances do not evaporate after each application.

Inspired By Designers Perfumes

The exquisite fragrances of One Drop Perfumes were formulated to embody the spirit of your favourite designer perfumes. You can still relate to the familiar scents of these remarkable designers whilst indulge in the experience of concentrated fragrances which are more refined and elegance.

Scents To Suit Every Personality And Every Occasion

With our extensive range of fragrances, you are spoiled for choice. Pick a scent that best reflects your character or different moods. Wear it night and day, at every occasion.

Best Value For Money

With One Drop Perfumes, you get longer-lasting, designer-inspired scents of exceptional quality at only a fraction of the cost. Just one drop to creating a fabulous smell that lasts throughout the days.

Pure fragrance Oil Without Alcohol Compound Nor Other Commercial Fillers

Specially formulated for the discerning users who appreciate the sophistication of fine fragrances. Our suite of scents are suitable for the Muslim users seeking an alternative to generic alcoholic perfumes and also befitting if you are allergic to the chemical compounds found in the alcohol-based perfumes.

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Buy eBook

Buy eBook site has a great collection of the best ebooks on the Internet and at lower prices than any other site!

Buying an eBook (digital book) is better than buying a printed book:

  1. You can buy an ebook right on your computer, without leaving home
  2. You receive your ebook immediately, and you can save it on your hard drive or print it. No shipping charges and no waiting.
  3. You'll find it easy to locate and choose the ebook you want with the help of our directory or search system. Use categories or key words, whichever is easier. Either way, you won't spend all day searching the aisles and stacks of a bookstore.
  4. An ebook doesn't take up space on your shelf, getting dusty and old.
  5. You can even have your computer read your ebook aloud to you with the help of a special program.

Buy eBook catalogue, consisting of 50+ categories, will help you to find the book you want and also have a high-quality search engine.

Take a look for yourself at Buy eBook


Tweak Mozilla Firefox

When you browse the web, one factor that limits your connection speed is the web browser you use. In order to load up websites faster, you need to use the fastest web browser. That is Mozilla Firefox.

For over a few years now, Mozilla Firefox has been considered as one of the fastest web browser. But some people would still complain with Firefox's performance. So if you want Mozilla Firefox to be faster, all you have to do is to do these faster firefox tweaks - speed up firefox by doing these four easy configuration tweaks.

If you follow these faster firefox tweaks - speed up firefox, you will then experience the fastest web browser's performance. Here is the step-by-step guide to do the faster firefox tweaks - speed up firefox.

  • Open firefox and type 'about:config'. Look for the following lines: 'network.http.pipelining'; 'network.http.pipelining.maxrequests'; 'network.http.proxy.pipelining'; 'network.dns.disableIPv6'; and finally, 'plugin.expose_full_path'. You can use the filter bar to type these lines to easily search for each line.
  • Once you find these lines, double click on it to change the value. All their values should change to true, except 'network.http.pipelining.maxrequests', which you will have to click many times to change the value to 30.
  • On the filter bar, type 'network.protocol-handler.external.ms-help'. Right click on it, choose New, and select Integer. Type 'content.notify.backoffcount' on the New Integer Value box and click OK. Type 5 on the Enter Integer value box and click OK.
  • Again, right click on 'network.protocol-handler.external.ms-help' and choose New and select Integer. On the New Integer Value box, type 'ui.sebmenuDelay' and click OK. Input 0 on the Enter Integer Value box and click OK.
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UEFA Champions League Group 2009/10

UEFA Champions League Group 2009/10



Wi-Fi is a relatively new type of technology that is just starting to attract a wide following worldwide. Some consider it to be one of the most significant innovations in technology since the internet came to the mainstream.
Because of it, computers are now able to connect to the internet and to other computers wirelessly.

The precursor of today’s Wi-Fi was developed sometime in the early 1990s by the Netherlands-based company NCR Corporation/AT&T (which later became known as Lucent &
Agere Systems). Called WaveLAN, it was originally intended to be used in cash registers.

Several competing standards prevented the immediate success of having wireless networks. However, with the development of the IEEE 802.11 standard and the release of its first
protocol in 1997, this technology slowly but surely came into the mainstream.

Since then, several protocols were released and several more will be released to address issues such as range and speed.
The first protocol released in 1997, now known as the Legacy mode, operated in the 2.4 GHz frequency.

The throughput and data rate are slow by today’s standards, with only 0.9 and 2 Mbit/s, respectively. 802.11 a and b came two years later in 1999 with the a protocol offering
faster speeds while the b provided a wider range. The elements of the two were later merged in 2003 when the 802.11g protocol was released.

The new protocol offered the speed of the a and the range of the b.

Vic Hayes who is the inventor of Wi-Fi has been named 'father of Wi-Fi' and was with his team involved in designing standards such as IEEE 802.11b, 802.11a and 802.11g. In 2003, Vic retired from Agere Systems. Agere Systems suffered from strong competition in the market even though their products were cutting edge, as many opted for cheaper Wi-Fi solutions. Agere's 802.11abg all-in-one chipset (code named: WARP) never hit the market, Agere Systems decided to quit the Wi-Fi market in late 2004.

  • Wi-Fi Hotspots

Another jargon in the wireless LAN community is called the Wi-Fi hotspot, simply known as hotspot. A hotspot is any public area that offers free or paid wireless internet connection.

Some of them cover only a small area (e.g. hotel lobbies),while there are those that cover an entire city (e.g.municipal hotspots).

While having hotspots has made cheap and even free internet connection possible, there are also security issues that accompany this technology.

Some hotspots are intentionally or unintentionally unsecured so that any data sent over the network is unencrypted. Because of this, malicious users can sniff (i.e. monitor) data sent by others who are in the same network.

But several solutions such as having a Virtual Private Network (VPN) are available, although they not widely used because of the costs of implementing them.

  • Where to Find Wi-Fi Hotspots

The Wi-Fi hotspot is nothing short of a phenomenon for wireless computing. Since it made the internet publicly available, this technology enabled laptops to be truly mobile computers. While not every country has picked up on this technology yet, there are several major cities and areas in the world where it has been adapted.

Below is a list of some of the typical places where you can find Wi-Fi hotspots.

1. Coffee shops
- have gained popularity as places where people can meet and have a good cup of coffee.But today, coffee shops have now also become hubs for internet users. The good thing here is that, they offer free and unlimited internet connection to their patrons usually by just making a minimum purchase.

2. Hotels
- more and more hotels offer this service which is mainly geared towards business travellers. They can be accessed in hotel rooms and lobbies. The only downside here is that they are usually paid separately from the room rates and can be quite expensive.

3. Airports - Wi-Fi hotspots can now be found in major international airports. This is also mainly geared towards business travellers who may want to check their e-mail just before boardingthe plane.

While hotspots are great places to get free internet connection, people should also be aware that most of them are unsecure.

It means that the data that anyone sends through the network may be read by hackers and could be used for criminal activities such as identity theft.

Users can protect themselves by not visiting websites that require sensitive information when connected to unsecure networks.

Ooh Aah Cantona!

Éric Daniel Pierre Cantona (born 24 May 1966) is a French former footballer of the late 1980s and 1990s. He ended his professional footballing career at Manchester United where he won four English Premiership titles in five years (being suspended the season without title), including two League and FA Cup "doubles". Cantona is often regarded as having played a major talismanic role in the revival of Manchester United as a footballing powerhouse and he enjoys iconic status at the club. In 2001 he was voted their player of the century, and to this day United fans refer to him as "King Eric"
Simply said.Legend!


Manchester United 2009/10 Fixtures

Manchester United 2009/10 Fixtures


Peter Schmeichel Manchester United Legend

Before Fabien Barthez,Tim Howard even Edwin Van der Sar,The Great Dane rules the penalty box.


FIFA 10 Preview

Gameplay is The 1st Priority

Begin the revamp of Manager Mode

In FIFA 09 the overall experience was strong, but still featuring some frustrations.
The aim is 30% innovation, 70% refinement.

Fourth year with this engine
• Cutting edge
• Detail driven
• Critical areas improved
• Becoming hard to improve further

Refining fundamentals

• Urgency
○ New urgency AI Logic, understands threat
○ New face-ball logic, so players look at ball and positioning
○ Space threat – players will watch the runs of the opponent as well as any dangers such as gaps in defence

• Trapping
○ More realistic, less like magical touch
○ Removed impossible trap animations
○ Improved trapping intelligence, how players react and respond

• Positioning of players
○ Improved defensive awareness – postion priority logic balance on player attributes
○ Improved balance – players swap positions and cover for each other
○ Improved attacking mentality of AI players – no more useless straight line runs

• Passing
○ Halved the time that the ball is in motion when passing
○ Physics tweaked to improve feeling and fluidity
○ Better space and threat analysis

• Shooting
○ Floatiness reduced
○ Improved and fine tuned parameters of shooting (including Reynard and Magnus effects)
○ Various set of parameters included this year depending on kick type

• Defending
○ Improved slide tackling, including balance, momentum and reach
○ Timing becomes critical - longer to touch, easier to avoid
○ Clearance logic, with more effort driven clearances

○ Urgency and awareness, so that if a player’s out of position then someone will cover

• Goalkeeping
○ More aggressive
○ More intelligent
○ More urgent

○ More responsive with more rushes and punches under pressure

Response to feedback
• 280 million games played online
• Lots of useful feedback

• Balance of teams and tactics
• Lofted through balls constantly sparking attacks
• Goalkeepers, exploits and behaviour
• Movement – run animations
• Shooting – ball physics and too many shots hitting the post
• Rules – offsides and advantages not quite right

• Practice arena improvements
• Manager Mode improvements
• Continuous play including quick free-kicks

Removed scripted sequences
• Carding was too predictable in the past
• Warnings (must stay focused on the screen to see all outcomes)

• Quick free-kicks added


Change the way the game is played
• 360° Dribbling - first sports game to include 360° dribbling
○ Now you have the ability to spot gaps and run through them
○ You can modify the direction of running subtly
○ You can quickly place the ball on the preferred foot
• Skilled Dribbling system
○ Close control for more intricate, more subtle and faster movements
• New nets

Manager Mode in FIFA 09
• Disappointing
• Unrealistic results
• Authenticity issues
• Broken transfer market

Manager Mode in FIFA 10

• Match realism
○ Matches calculated on a minute to minute basis
○ Significant fidelity
○ Based on team strengths and weaknesses
○ Much more realistic results
• Authentic transfers
○ Based on prestige, experience, squad, manager experience/reputation
○ Competition from other clubs when signing players
○ Significant improvements in club AI
• Believable player growth
○ Player growth based on age, performance and amount of games played
• Surrounding football world realism
○ Importance of each fixture
○ AI has its own strategy depending on the opposition
○ Squad rotation by AI depending on importance of fixture

More info :

FIFA Soccer Blogs

UEFA Champions League Final



Manchester United are Champions!

When Sir Alex Ferguson walked through the door at Old Trafford in 1986 he memorably defined his job at Manchester United as "knocking Liverpool off their fucking perch."

Twenty-two and a half years years later, the Scot finds himself on the brink of being able to declare "mission accomplished".

Manchester United were crowned Premier League champions after a goalless draw with Arsenal at Old Trafford.

United only needed a point to secure a third consecutive Premier League title and that is what they achieved with a cautious performance that ensured that the title was decided at Old Trafford for only the second time in Sir Alex Ferguson's glittering reign.

It was the 11th title of Sir Alex Ferguson's reign and means United have finally matched Liverpool's record haul of 18 in the top-flight.

Manchester United won the league today because they­ wanted it more than any other team in the league. The­ desire and the hunger to win trophies is what has got­ them another one today.

See the DEFINING MOMENTS of the Premier League 08/09 seasons.

Manchester United rule, and that's a FACT


UEFA Champions League Dream Final Manchester United vs Barcelona

UEFA Champions League Final
Stadio Olimpico Rome
27th May 2009

Manchester United FC VS
FC Barcelona

Road To Final :

Manchester United

Manchester United booked their place in the Champions League final thanks to two early goals against Arsenal at the Emirates which helped them to a 4-1 aggregate victory.

Ji-Sung Park's eighth minute opener and Cristiano Ronaldo's 11th-minute free kick put the tie almost beyond the home side in the opening few minutes, while Ronaldo's second just after the hour mark put things beyond doubt.

Robin Van Persie's late penalty gave the home side a consolation goal in a 3-1 scoreline on the night - but Darren Fletcher's red card in the spot kick incident took the shine off a superb night for United.

More info on the match HERE

Goal Highlights


Andres Iniesta's injury-time leveller sent 10-man Barcelona into the Champions League final after a dramatic 1-1 draw with Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

The Spain international struck a screamer in the 93rd minute to cancel out Michael Essien's equally, if not more, stunning early strike to win the tie on the away goals rule following last week's goalless stalemate at the Camp Nou.

Chelsea were left to reflect on what might have been, although initial reaction to defeat was one of anger after referee Tom Ovrebo denied the hosts several strong penalty appeals.

More info on the match HERE

Goal Highlights


Arsenal 1-3 Manchester United

Manchester United crush Arsenal, reach Champions League final in Rome

Manchester United swept back into the Champions League final as the holders produced a stunning 3-1 win over Arsenal in their semi-final second leg.

Alex Ferguson's side arrived at the Emirates Stadium holding only a slender 1-0 lead from last week's first leg, but United scored twice in the first 11 minutes to set up a 4-1 aggregate triumph that booked their place in the final against Chelsea or Barcelona, who meet in their decider Wednesday.

For once the normally subdued Emirates crowd were at fever pitch, but Ferguson had talked up United's intention to press for a crucial away goal and they were true to his word.

Goal Highlights

In the eighth minute, Anderson slipped a pass to Ronaldo down the left and the Portugal winger proved he had
adapted to his new role as a lone forward by finding space in the penalty area to whip in a low cross.

Even then Arsenal should have cleared the danger but Gibbs, a teenage midfielder pressed into service at left-back in the absence of Gael Clichy, slipped over and could only watch from a prone position as Park took a touch before guiding his shot past Almunia.

As Ferguson and his staff danced a jubilant jig you could feel the momentum draining from Arsenal. There was worse to come three minutes later.

When van Persie fouled Ronaldo way out on the right flank, there appeared little danger.

But Almunia had reckoned without Ronaldo's flair for the unexpected. Ronaldo had scored from 40 yards to beat Porto in the last round and, from a similar distance, he took aim and launched a thunderous strike towards Almunia, who appeared to lose sight of the ball as it flashed past him at the near post.

Wenger sat ashen-faced on the bench as Arsenal's proud record of 27 home European matches without defeat fell apart, and the match had barely begun.

United were rampant and it took a superb finger-tip save from Almunia to stop Wayne Rooney curling in a third goal.

The visitors continued to counter-attack imperiously after half-time and in the 61st minute Ronaldo capped a sublime break in clinical style.

He started the move with a backheel to Park, who cleverly spread play wide to Rooney on the left. Rooney's cross was perfectly weighted for Ronaldo to drive past Almunia.

Game over, and Ferguson could even afford the luxury of substituting Rooney and Patrice Evra to ensure the duo didn't earn a booking which would have ruled them out of the final - Fletcher was not to be so lucky.


El Clasico Real Madrid vs Barcelona 2-6

All goals and highlights in the match between Real Madrid and Barcelona at the Santiago Bernabeu in La Liga. 2/5/09 finished Real Madrid 2-6 Barcelona


Real Madrid:
Casillas, Ramos, Cannavaro, Metzelder, Heinze, Robben, L. Diarra, Gago, Marcelo, Higuain, Raul (c).
Subs: Dudek, Gomez, Drenthe, Garcia, Van der Vaart, Huntelaar, Faubert.

Valdes, Alves, Puyol (c), Pique, Abidal, Toure, Xavi, Iniesta, Henry, Messi, Eto’o.
Subs: Hleb, Sylvinho, Keita, Krkic, Cáceres, Gudjohnsen, Busquets.

Real Madrid (Higuain 14′, Ramos 56′) 2-6 Barcelona (Henry 18′,58′, Puyol 20′, Messi 36′, 75′, Pique 83′)

P/S : Chelsea beware XD

Football Shirt Series

AS Roma


Football Shirt Series


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