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BIO ASLI is an MLM (Multi Level marketing) company from Malaysia. What makes this company so special is that it emphasize the use of Internet technology so that it can really goes global and conquer the world! BIO ASLI is really a global MLM company because you can search downline from all over the world with Intenet technology.

This company is headed by a fella named Ishak Basiran, who holds an engineering degree in mechanical engineering and used to be a usual salary men engineer. From a humble beginning this company is now a recognized leader in online MLM in Malaysia.

MLM is a great business to do because it's potential to grow big and for us ordinary man to at last able to really make big money and possibly become millionaire. With great product that really captured the imagination of men and women, BIO ASLI is poised to make a huge presence in the tough MLM market in the world over.

Majority of BIO ASLI product is made from Virgin Coconut Oil that is used as it's main ingredient. The killer product was VCO 31 but now has been replaced by Power Lotion 31. Other product includes herbal tea, coffee, soap, lotion and some other domestic items that we usually used everyday. So instead of buying a regular brand from super market and gaining nothing in monetary value, why not join BIO ASLI and make some profit along the way?

Bio Asli also accept and use PAY PAL as one of it's transaction mode. The calculation of bonus is done by computer technology. So you you don't have any reason to feel or have any doubt with BIO ASLI ability and competency in the MLM segment.

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Peloop or peloop™ is a Penis Enlargement and Male Enhancement made simple.

Harness the power of :

  • Magnets
  • Tourmaline
  • Germanium
Naturally and safely enhance your penis.These 3 materials will constantly provide your penis with amazing benefits. peloop™ is simply worn at the bottom of your penis just like you wear a ring on your finger.These materials work by drastically improving the condition of blood inside your penis.

Sample :

Benefits :

  • Penis Enlargement
peloop™ will improve the blood flowing into your penis and you will have a new bigger, stronger and healthier penis AND if you could pump more and more healthy blood into your penis, your penis will expand and mushroom even more.
  • Male Enhancement
The magnetic field in peloop™ also widens the blood vessels allowing more blood to flow through and will improved performance of the blood inside your penis.Harness the power of Magnets, Tourmaline, Germaniumn.Use peloop™ to naturally and safely enhance your penis.
  • How it Works
The first benefit comes from the magnet. peloop™ contains a strong rare earth magnet that creates a magnetic field around the base of your penis where the blood enters.When blood flows through this magnetic field, the blood cells spin then separate from each other giving each cell more surface area to carry much more oxygen and vital nutrients to your penis. The magnetic field also widens your penis's blood vessels allowing more blood to flow through.
The second benefit comes from Tourmaline and Germanium which emit negative ions (also known as "Air Vitamins") and Far Infra-Red Rays (also known as "Growth Rays"). Negative ions work to neutralize acidic levels in the bloodstream while Far Infra-Red Rays cleanse and increase the production of cells inside your penis.
  • Extra Information
peloop™ is physically made by mixing Silicone, Germanium and Tourmaline using a high quality Mix-Refining Machine. Then a Vulcanizing Testing Machine is used to create the mold with a small hole for the magnet. The material mixture is added to the mold to create peloop™ and the magnet is then inserted.

The result is one powerful peloop™ that combines these amazing materials to give you permanent and lasting penis enlargement and male enhancement.

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