Windows Vista Ultimate

The 10 ultimate reasons to get Windows Vista Ultimate on your new PC.

1. It’s the greatest Windows VistaTM operating system experience available.
Enjoy all the features Windows Vista has to offer. Windows Vista Ultimate combines the home and entertainment features and premium business features in one complete package. Never doubt that you have the right edition of Windows Vista, as Windows Vista Ultimate includes every feature from every edition.
2. Get ahead of the game.
Be the first to experience new Windows® software and services, made exclusively available through Windows Ultimate Extras.
3. Protect your data from the elements.
With Windows BitLocker™ Drive Encryption1, Windows Vista Ultimate protects your files in the event your mobile PC is ever lost or stolen. Windows Complete PC Backup and Restore can help prevent your data, programs, and settings from falling prey to hardware malfunctions or simple human error.
4. It’s multilingual.
Households that speak more than one language or those learning a new language can install multiple languages and switch between them as easily as logging on.
5. Instant Search.
It’s quick and easy to find anything on your PC and your network, regardless of location or format, including applications, Internet files, documents, media, contacts, calendar events, and e-mail messages.
6. Innovative navigational tools.
The Windows Aero™ user experience makes it easier to find and access recently used documents and programs.

7. TV on your PC. Sit back and enjoy your favourite television shows on your own time with Windows Media Center2. Use the built-in television guide and a compatible remote control to find, watch, record, and pause live TV on your PC or a TV screen.
8. The most advanced gaming
Enjoy richer gaming with vivid graphics, new casual games, and all the advanced features you need for hardcore gaming on a network.
9. Digital memories.
Burn your slideshows and home movies to a DVD with the DVD Burning Wizard and watch them on your PC or a DVD player whenever you like.
10. The ultimate value.
Get a PC preinstalled with Windows Vista Ultimate and receive additional value with Windows Ultimate Extras. Ultimate Extras are cutting-edge programs, innovative services, and unique publications that provide a richer computing experience exclusively for Windows Vista Ultimate operating system users.

Some product features are only available in certain Windows Vista editions and may require advanced or additional hardware and internet service (provider subscription or other service fees may apply).
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