One Drop Perfumes

by most popular and famous perfumes brands, the one drop perfumes comes with best quality perfumes with the cheapest original perfumes. its last longer just with one drop potion than other perfumes. come not just one but 8 different fragrance in one set perfect for a gift to your lover.With just USD 11.50 or MYR40,you can get yourself 8 bottle of perfume in one box pack (each different inspired designer).

Fine Fragrances Like No Other

  • Distinctive Scents and More Powerful Than Over-the-Counter Perfumes
  • Pure Fragrance Without Alcoholic Compound, Water Nor Other Commercial Fillers
  • Inspired By Top Designers’ Perfumes
  • Lasting Throughout The Day With Only One Application
  • 2.75ml x 8 Perfumes Variety in Every Pack
  • Roll-On Bottles For Convenient Usage
  • Handy Packaging And Portable
  • The Best Value for Money For Smelling Great Without Excessive Spending
  • Over 100,000 Satisfied Users in South East Asia and Growing Strongly Worldwide

The Celebrities Special Pack

MEN Celebrities' Special

  1. Inspired by Instinct, David Beckham
  2. Inspired by Unforgivable, Sean John
  3. Inspired by True Star, Enrique Iglesias
  4. Inspired by Jordan, Michael Jordan
  5. Inspired by Adventure, Ewan McGregor
  6. Inspired by Life, Adre Agassi
  7. Inspired by Blue Seduction, Antonio Banderas
  8. Inspired by He, Usher

WOMEN Celebrities' Special

  1. Inspired by M, Mariah Carey
  2. Inspired by Lovely, Sarah Jessica Parker
  3. Inspired by Curious, Britney Spears
  4. Inspired by Kate, Kate Moss
  5. Inspired by Show Time, Kylie Minoque
  6. Inspired by Paris Hilton, Paris Hilton
  7. Inspired by Black Pearl, Elizabeth Taylor
  8. Inspired by Glow, Jennifer Lopez

Reason to Buy :

Long-Lasting, Highly Concentrated Fragrance Oil

One Drop Perfumes are oil-based fragrances that settle on your skin and react with your body temperature to release its fine scent throughout the day. Unlinke the alcohol-based perfumes, our fragrances do not evaporate after each application.

Inspired By Designers Perfumes

The exquisite fragrances of One Drop Perfumes were formulated to embody the spirit of your favourite designer perfumes. You can still relate to the familiar scents of these remarkable designers whilst indulge in the experience of concentrated fragrances which are more refined and elegance.

Scents To Suit Every Personality And Every Occasion

With our extensive range of fragrances, you are spoiled for choice. Pick a scent that best reflects your character or different moods. Wear it night and day, at every occasion.

Best Value For Money

With One Drop Perfumes, you get longer-lasting, designer-inspired scents of exceptional quality at only a fraction of the cost. Just one drop to creating a fabulous smell that lasts throughout the days.

Pure fragrance Oil Without Alcohol Compound Nor Other Commercial Fillers

Specially formulated for the discerning users who appreciate the sophistication of fine fragrances. Our suite of scents are suitable for the Muslim users seeking an alternative to generic alcoholic perfumes and also befitting if you are allergic to the chemical compounds found in the alcohol-based perfumes.

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