Bidhere is a unique auction site with a twist where you can buy brand new items for a penny.

I recently discovered that is a penny auction site where brand new products, such as Nintendo Wii’s, iPods,laptops, digital cameras and LCD TVs fall under the auction hammer everyday and sell for pricesthat can only be described as totally mad.

They said that offer the the hottest and most wanted gadgets at bargain prices also latest, brand new consumer electronics, watches and other desirable consumables from leading manufacturers.

BidHere is a unique Internet auction experience uses an exciting online auction for consumers, based on the principles of an American‐Style Auction.

Some products on auctions at :

1. LCD TVs
2. Plasma TVs
3. Blu‐ray Players
4. DVD Players
5. DVD Recorders
6. Home Theatre Systems
7. Tivo & Internet TV
8. iPods & MP3 Players

9. Digital Cameras
10.Laptop Computers
11. Desktop Computers
12. Monitors
13. Software
14. Games & Game Consoles
15. Cell Phones
and many more

How does work?

BidHere is a revolutionary penny auction concept. The basic idea is to offer brand new products
at very attractive prices and works as :

1) All Products are brand new and auctions start at $0.00
2) User creates an account
3) Buy bids for $0.60 per bid!
4) Each bid increases the price by $0.02 at a time
5) Place bid and wait for timer to reach 00:00:00
6) Each auction has a countdown timer between 15 seconds and 3 minutes
7) When the timer reaches zero, the last bidder wins the right to purchase the product
8) If another user counterbids, the countdown timer will restart.

Items with special prices :

Check it out for yourself at and maybe luckily you can get super CHEAP bargains!


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