What is it with this company?Dont answer customer emails.Im really nervous rite now.

Im fumed coz two separate order from Kitbag.com and Manchester United Megastore still not arrived.I know it takes time coz I lived in Malaysia,but at least reply my emails.

Im angry coz many item I ordered from Man Utd Direct handled also by Kitbag.com,havent arrived,same fate maybe. =(

What Colour am I?

The Ultimate Color Test

When you are at peace, you are:

Deeply stable

When you are moved to act, you are:

Giving and warm

When you are inspired, you are:

Spiritual and humble

When your life is perfectly balanced, you are:

Philosophical and expressive

Your life's purpose is:

To live a passionate life

You Are a Yellow Crayon

Your world is colored with happy, warm, fun colors.

You have a thoughtful and wise way about you. Some people might even consider you a genius.

Charming and eloquent, you are able to get people to do things your way.

While you seem spontaneous and free wheeling, you are calculating to the extreme.

Your color wheel opposite is purple. You both are charismatic leaders, but purple people act like you have no depth.

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