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When you browse the web, one factor that limits your connection speed is the web browser you use. In order to load up websites faster, you need to use the fastest web browser. That is Mozilla Firefox.

For over a few years now, Mozilla Firefox has been considered as one of the fastest web browser. But some people would still complain with Firefox's performance. So if you want Mozilla Firefox to be faster, all you have to do is to do these faster firefox tweaks - speed up firefox by doing these four easy configuration tweaks.

If you follow these faster firefox tweaks - speed up firefox, you will then experience the fastest web browser's performance. Here is the step-by-step guide to do the faster firefox tweaks - speed up firefox.

  • Open firefox and type 'about:config'. Look for the following lines: 'network.http.pipelining'; 'network.http.pipelining.maxrequests'; 'network.http.proxy.pipelining'; 'network.dns.disableIPv6'; and finally, 'plugin.expose_full_path'. You can use the filter bar to type these lines to easily search for each line.
  • Once you find these lines, double click on it to change the value. All their values should change to true, except 'network.http.pipelining.maxrequests', which you will have to click many times to change the value to 30.
  • On the filter bar, type ''. Right click on it, choose New, and select Integer. Type 'content.notify.backoffcount' on the New Integer Value box and click OK. Type 5 on the Enter Integer value box and click OK.
  • Again, right click on '' and choose New and select Integer. On the New Integer Value box, type 'ui.sebmenuDelay' and click OK. Input 0 on the Enter Integer Value box and click OK.
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