Fix YLOD (Yellow Lights of Death)

How I fixed the YLOD myself!

Last week, I unfortunately suffered the Yellow Light of Death. I know, it is really the worst thing a PS3 can encounter. I went through YouTube and searched for PS3 fixes there, they didn’t help me! But I did come across a helpful guide on the net PS3LightFix
It had:
· Videos
· Guides
· One-on-one help

The benefits of this were obvious:
· Easy and safe way to fix the PS3
· I fixed my PS3 in an hour and a half
· I saved myself $150 or RM450 (Sony charges for repairs)

And I am glad to say my PS3 is up and running again!

P/S : I saved a sample of their guide in PDF format.

To visit their website,click here.


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