Advertlets Scam

I stumbled on a post titled
Advertlets Scam at Anak Melayu Boleh blog and 2 years ago,I nearly put this Advertlets ads on my blog.Wow,two years of unpaid cashouts and nearly RM1000 worth of money there still unpaid to the admin of Anak Melayu Boleh Blog.

What is it with this ad-oriented company?They generate hundreds K ringgits even millions but they failed to paid the carrier of thing that they advertise?

Quoting Anak Melayu Boleh post :

'Well here’s a breakdown of my bad experience with them.

  1. 21st July 2008 – Cashout $241.80.
  2. Few months later – Status still ‘processing’.
  3. Shortly after – Tried contacted support staff.
  4. Few weeks later – No response from Advertlets.
  5. 2nd March 2009 – Cashing out again, $156.07.
  6. Few months later – Status even worse, ‘Unpaid’, it’s not even processed.
  7. Shortly after – Tried contacted support staff
  8. Few weeks later – No response from Advertlets.
  9. 14th March 2010 – I was told if I blogged about Advertlets payment issues, they would pay up.
  10. Few weeks later – Still no response from Advertlets.
  11. 20th April 2010 – I decided to for one last time contacted their BRAND NEW Advertlets ticket support. I marked it as ‘critical’.
  12. As of today – I wasn’t surprised, still no response from Advertlets.

I’ve been patience, and waited this long. I’ve even defended Advertlets, spoke good things, and even recommended other bloggers to them previously.

But no more, you’ve messed around with the wrong Uncle. I’ll make it my mission in life to expose Advertlets for the scammers that they are, until they respond, apologise and pay me.

So now I’m dealing with the current issue with how I know best, the Internet. Using my SEO skillz, I’ll try to rank high on every Advertlets keywords out there, and linked them to articles of my bad experience with Advertlets.'

Well,they really messed with the wrong man eh.Many other cases were blogged,and I hope we all take note of new company that come out and using those cool slogans meh.

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