Online PS3 Tweaks for Lagging Connection

FIFA 09 on Playstation 3 by EASports really is a great footie game ever.It has the coolest graphic and most realistic football game up to date.

The most great features is online play.I enjoy playing online,but in Asia Central,usually the connection always lag,and during play,always gets disconnected.

Thanks to OpenDNS,I suffer no more from disconnected and lagging connection.

What is DNS?
According to Wikipedia,the Domain Name System (DNS) is a hierarchical naming system for computers, services, or any resource participating in the Internet. It associates various information with domain names assigned to such participants

What is OpenDNS actually?
OpenDNS is the leading provider of free security and infrastructure service.

How to setup your PS3 netwok connection by setting the DNS value to OpenDNS value address.
  • Go to Settings options in PS3 menu and choose the last options,the Network Connection.
  • Select Manual config,search for DNS address and set it to OpenDNS nameserver and
  • Save the settings and you're done.
Looks like EA Server and OpenDNS really suites well after configuring.It doesnt hurt to try.

Good Luck!
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